Video for Elevator Pitch of 24 Teams

*The team ID below is only for the round 2 competition.

WOLO Health detection system for children

WOLO is a health detection system for children. It consists of temperature rings, a wearable health monitoring device and an app enables parents to monitor their children’s health status remotely.


ScrollDeck unleashes users creativity by allowing them to create data-focused visual storytelling and scrollytelling using web standards and libraries.


An app toy play set for visually impaired and sighted kids to play together.

3DK Tech

3DK Tech. Ltd. was established in 2017 as a metal 3D printing company, specializing in the patent pending technology of Ultrasonic Selective Laser Melting (USLM).


Business Travel Planning Mobile Application using AI and Machine Learning.

Quokka Reward

Quokka is staff’s recognition & rewards platform tackling high staff turnover, low job motivation by offering perks, badges, loyalty program, milestones challenges embedded in blockchain-based network

Confidence in Comfort

We help women express confidence in comfort. Female professionals wear high heels despite great pain. We analyze foot photos and print shoe inserts that perfectly fit.

Tutorpot is an online education open market platform that will help high school students to get ready for the university entrance exam around globe.

Miscato Limited

IoT Aromatherapy for in-room hospitality guests.


A year-old start-up whose tech. allows users to compose, record, share, and develop their own sounds through their own movement, and later be used in creative arts, virtual reality, and gamification.


To make youngsters home-owning dreams possible and owners hassle-free from property price movement through a blockchain smart contract solution.


One App + One Card + a Chatbot" is an ideal solution for parents to send money to their kids studying abroad so that the kids can receive money any currency

I-Square Technology

I-Square provides anti-counterfeiting and verification solution to brand products, so that consumers could verify genuine products easily and can be adapted to a variety of products at the market.

Coin Dragon Limited

Coin Dragon, operating coin exchange kiosks for Hong Kong


Mamosound is a portable ultrasound probe for early breast cancer detection. By using Mamosound, were able to decrease the number of unnecessary hospital visits and improve healthcare delivery.


Designed based on the theory of meditation, hypnosis and psychotherapy, VOID is an IoT integrated and self-helping application to let people have innovative mental health service at anywhere, anytime.

City Stars

Blockchain x Charity Funds Solution to existing challenge of NGOs


A soft robotics combined with intelligent electronics toy pet design team. But we are focusing on solving social relation among people.

Sinocore Biotechnology Limited

Founded in 2018 in HK, Sinocore is commercializing and developing our breakthrough solutions that allow effective conversion of sewage sludge into high quality fertilizers.

MamaHelpers Technologies Limited

MamaHelpers is currently the largest and fastest-growing domestic helper network in the world. By continuously connecting different stakeholders, we nurture a mutually beneficial employment ecosystem.

VoiceAI Technologies

VoiceAI has most advanced tech in deep learning, speech signal processing, speech recognition and speaker verification, can help financial industry build security and efficient system.


An ultra-thin, self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem.

Multimedia Big Data analytic Limited

Multimedia Big Data Analytics Limited (MBDA) is an award-winning team that utilizes deep learning, social signals, and machine learning to analyze image data effectively and affordably.

Chain React

Chain React, a reward platform for both gamer and developer in gaming industry based on Ethereum