Videos of the Teams in Round 2
The Competition has come to the Round 2 assessment. 66 teams have submitted a Pre-recorded Video on Product Introduction. Out of the videos the judging panel will short-list 10 teams to the UST Student Track, and 18 teams to the Main Track. All selected 28 teams will go into the Round 3 competition in Jul 2021.
If you are current HKUST staff and students, it is a time for YOU to vote for your favorite videos.

1 - Master Masker

We are Master Masker and we try to improve anti-bacteria nanofilm, a polystyrene film with 3-D nanocone coated on the surface to inhibit the growth of kill pathogens on materials’ surface.

2 - PanopticAI

PanopticAI innovates AI-vision solutions to capture and understand information invisible to the naked eye.

3 - Mishkan

Mishkan is building an omni-channel social CRM that could understand languages of fans for artist management industry. We save your time spent on social listening and let you know your fans better.

4 - FillTrip

A brand new travel social media platform. A game changer for trip planning. Just 3 Steps - Explore, Schedule and Share. Let's start and meet the travellers in FillTrip community.

5 - valuation calculator

Lead by the research outcome from HKUST professor, our team is developing a valuation calculator for investment property valuation for finance and valuation industry.

6 - Planeteers

Planeteers aims to revolutionize dining with a sustainable culinary experience – incrEDIBLE! We supply edible cutlery to restaurants with the goal of eradicating disposable utensils across Hong Kong.


AREIX Wealth Management Robo-assistant – First research-led startup that connects open banking & tokenomics for user success, and to build a User-First Community in the emergence of digital asset era

8 - R3A Group Limited

Rapidly create your website with natural language processing, and maximize business volume and lead generations with real-time predictive analysis.

9 - Vacovio

Vacovio enables smart parking experience with smart A.I. parking assistant app and cost-effective smart panoramic cameras.

10 - Artifex

We are Artifex-a Latin word for "creative". We aim to solve healthcare problems via innovative biotechnological approaches, especially with the use of stem cells. That's why Artifex, we create.

11 - RentalBlock

The team is committed to provide simple and cost-efficient solutions that benefit the stakeholders in the real estate rental market (e.g. tenants, owners) with decentralized / blockchain technology.

12 - CellEdge Networks

Enabling people's 5G network that benefits everyone. World's first Blockchain-based 5G infrastructure crowdfunding for the public interest. Affordable, faster, and securer wireless coverage provider.

14 - ProHeal Biotechnology

We have post CBE PhD and PG researchers/engineers, business professionals and Prof. Fei SUN as team advisor. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge bioadhesive solutions for efficient wound healing.

15 - Energys Spectrum

Mr Gary Wan, GM of Energys Spectrum; Prof Arthur Lau, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Edu, Division of Environment & Sustainability; and Mr Tom Chong, Energy Engineer, Facilities Mgt Office

17 - Vim Vitae

Personalised Mitochondrial Supplementation

18 - Scribo

We are a team of locally registered pharmacists and IT experts who aim to develop and serve the sector of private medical practices with a smart clinic management solution with clinical intelligence.

19 - Never Too Late

NTL Recruitment Limited is a social enterprise that provides job matching services to 45+ladies, to unearth their potential and to restore their self-image through our 3+1 one-stop service model.

20 - Nomad Plastic Venture

Nomad Plastic Venture is designing Sustainable Plastic Waste Management Projects in emerging countries. We developed NP Analytics, a data-based software, for this mission against plastic pollution.

22 - Kiddoscope

We strive to provide the most inspiring platform for preschoolers to unleash their potential by emphasizing on learners’ experience through game-driven, stress-free and comprehensive ways of learning.

23 - AIoTR

AIoTR is pioneering education solutions for learning AI, IoT, & Robotics in a deep-dive, easy-out way. We aim to teach students hands-on skills that empower them to become future smart cities creators

24 - Element Music

We are building an NFT marketplace powered by blockchain for auctioning and trading any digital music-related merchandise. We aim at helping music-related work be fairly priced and freely exchanged.

25 - Eco alchemy

Eco Alchemy is a team devoted to developing a mobile platform for a sustainable lifestyle.

26 - O2OMind

O2OMind comprises HKUST MBA students from the Greater Bay Area who are devoted to empowering SME and brand owners in retail industry by leveraging their strong big data skills and analytical mindset.

27 - V Path Limited

V Path is a healthcare technology startup that aims at developing digitization solutions to facilitate and empower pathological workflow by advanced imaging techniques and deep-learning algorithms.

29 - Holo Innovation

Through the 3D vision technology based on positioning and navigation, it can efficiently solve the efficiency problem in the manual processing of e-waste, and while reducing the cost.

30 - Centauri Optics

A portable and automated fast nucleic acid detection device to enable point of care testing using compact fluorescence imaging technology developed in HKUST

31 - Phoenix Intelligence

Leading medical AI team in the Greater China Region.

32 - mindAId

Mental health application for the workplace to connect psychologists with people seeking mental health services

33 - Fan{task}tic

AI-Powered Personalised Learning Solution for School Education

34 - Feelit

Feelit phonecase offers alternative to text-to-speech phone experience with inclusive design to empower the visually impaired to achieve more with our product by offering text-braille feature.

35 - Intelligent Design Technology Limited

We are a HKUST R&D team committed to enhance the well-being of elderly with innovative healthcare solutions powered by IoT, computer vision (thermal image) and embedded AI technology.

36 - FAKEusT

Phototrotter, with the word photo and globetrotter, represents the community of travellers connected through travel log postings. We aim to introduce a new travel experience to users.

37 - Hellooo

Hellooo is a team that strives to provide an online entertainment platform in mobile app form that is specially designed for elderly to counter the problem of ageing population.

38 - Parchi

A startup working towards making paper receipts a thing of the past with their proprietary software that can work with any billing software in the world to send e-receipts onto their mobile app.

39 - B#

We are a team full of enthusiastic students who are willing to provide help to the current restaurant situations under the epidemic with our IOT technology

40 - ReHertz

ReHertz is an online conferencing tool for real-time music making and audio production collaboration which consists of a set of tools including music editing and video conferencing.

41 - Midas Analytics Ltd

Midas exists to elevate the use of unstructured data for everyday business decisions and actionable insights. We are developing an AI engine that can understand text up to 10X faster than humans.

42 - Fill Easy

HKUST Fintech Students building an AI Virtual Assistant for a particular occasion, such as moving house. Recently incubated into STEP.

43 - Silver care

Personalized shopping solution for Elderly & Caregivers

45 - Datanimo

Automated and proprietary B2B Data Cleaning solutions for the Healthcare sector, specifically HealthTech and MedTech

46 - Point Fit Technology Limited

In PointFit, we are developing an ultra-thin skin patch that tracks muscle fatigue level through sweat biomarkers so that athlete can understand their body better and adjust their exercise accordingly

47 - Aqua Sense Ltd.

AquaSense smart water quality sensors are to be the first line of defense against contaminants in tap water. We use measured data to help localize faults on the pipeline network preserving freshwater.

48 - Algreen

Accessible Green Energy via Algae Innovation! Algren aims to develop revolutionary technology to produce renewable biofuels from carbon absorbing algae and provide a sustainable fuel alternative.

49 - Nutritist

Founded in 2021, Nutritist is formed by a team of 6 We aim to develop next-generation solutions for taking care of your health and empower you to know every health information from daily diet.

50 - City of Clean Clouds

We provide innovative solutions to make IT Data Centers more sustainable

51 - Rare Elements

Business intelligence solution through Chinese and English NLP to amplify companys' research and evaluation capabilities in consumer and financial analytics

52 - Winnie Chou Pte. Ltd.

Winnie is a design service and education startup. We aim to become a collaboration platform and provide vocational training services. Our team comprises of design professional from Visual China Group.


We are a group of female students who have a purpose to improve people's mental health by providing an accessible all-in-one wellness app.


NIGHTCITY is B2C mobile nightlife app, that rewards venue loyalty and platform contributions, digitizes nightlife services, and makes information on what's happening on a night out easily accessible.

58 - offsetted

Offsetted is a digital platform that allows you to boost revenue and customers’ loyalty through ecological impact and business metrics growth-oriented climate-positive solutions.

60 - Data Hunt

Datahunt aims to provide online sellers an ease of use, mobile friendly or via App, AI driven (Instagram like) browsing experience to hunt hot selling products and provide dropship service.

61 - XOXO Beverages Limited

XOXO Beverages designs and markets high-quality cocktail machines. We have a simple idea: enable everyone to create their perfect glass of cocktail.

62 - IronAlpha

A new frontier in robo-advising and personal wealth management. IronAlpha uses the power of DeFi to yield industry-disrupting, safe, and stable returns for young professionals.

63 - Solid-X Limited

Solid-X focuses on the development of next generation solid-state batteries, which provide a safe, reliable and sustainable energy storage solution for business and society.

64 - Medical Changer

Leading chronic disease management solution provider powered by best AI technologies.

65 - Collaborative Innovation Elite Team

Our team focuses on the Blood pressure monitoring problem. It aims at the hypertension market and the sub-health population market, and is also a subdivision of the core products to be updated.

66 - A.I. Phoenix

Aiming to be leading fintech firm

67 - VendingTheWorld

This is Chun Kin CHAN, a year 4 student Engineering and Law dual degree Zou SiQi, psychology, marketing Davis Bookhart, project advisor, Head of the university’s Sustainability Unit.

68 - JobFinder

To be the world’s most secure, convenient, and direct services’ matching platform where anyone in search of blue-collar work can be connected to job opportunities seamlessly and hassle-free.

69 - seekr

Seekr is a compact wearable that lets you see, hear and feel. It is aimed to be a lifelong visual companion to the elderly and visually-impaired population.

70 - Invigo

Invigo is a work marketplace providing the service of collaborative freelancing, an on-demand collaboration of freelancers to bring success to high value projects.

71 - The Able Company

Observe, conserve, serve. The Able Company reintroduces otherwise waste materials into our world, breathing new life into them. Monetizing what WAS waste, we're changing the world, one step at a time.

72 - MAV-Tech HKUST

Our team designs flapping wing Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) that are inspired by dragonfly. MAV applications may include sports and entertainment, surveillance or even the pollination of crops.

73 - Project Valuehub

Our mission is to help millennials to invest in a simple and intelligent way. We are determined to tackle the challenges for young investors such as information overload, unknown risk and bad timing.

74 - QS Top5

To best serve and understand elderly people, we utilized facial emotion plus audio recognition technology and AIoT to develop a system that can realize mutual care between family members.

76 - NutriRay

NutriRay helps to build a community to fight against food waste. Utilising IoT technology, our smart camera and app could turn any fridge into smart fridges at an affordable price.