Videos of the 50 Teams in Round 2
The Competition has come to the Round 2 assessment. The Top 50 teams have submitted a Pre-recorded Video on Product Introduction. Out of the videos the judging panel will short-list 24 teams to compete in the Online Live Elevator Pitch on 28 April.
If you are current HKUST staff and students, it is a time for YOU to vote for your favorite videos.

1 - PreciseMed (Healthcare)

PreciseMed aims to be the leading precise medicine solution developer who applies the most advanced data processing and analysis solutions enabled by state-of-art artificial intelligence technology.

2 - Oak Fund (Social Services & Enterprise)

Oak Fund is a REIT with social interest. We address elder poverty and save public spending by unleashing value of elderly-owned properties. Members interned at JP Morgan, SFC, law and real estate firm


POINT tracks muscle fatigue in real-time using a unique patented skin patch that sends sweat biomarker data to a proprietary software to tackle a problem 60% of athletes face, overtraining.

4 - DRESIO (I.T & Smart Tech)

DRESIO aims to be the leading experiential IoT technology provider in APAC. Our AI & AR products help brick & mortar stores turn customers into influencers, discover insights, and generate traffic.

5 - Pi-lock (Social Services & Enterprise)

Pi-Lock Solutions utilizes ergonomic IoT devices to protect the lives of construction workers and provide lower levels of risk to construction firms.

6 - Cura Health (Healthcare)

CuraBox is a personalized healthcare supplement supply company that supplies daily nutrition to our customers. We believe health should be easy, accessible and available for everyone.

7 - A.I. Phoenix (Fintech)

A.I. Phoenix has provided customized data processing and analysis solutions enabled by state-of-art artificial intelligence technology for financial industry.

8 - Vacovio (I.T & Smart Tech)

Vacovio is the most intelligent and cost-effective Smart Car Park Management solution with Panoramic Vision Sensing Technologies.

9 - Aerial Intelligent Robotics (Robotics & AI)

Our team comes from the HKUST Aerial Robotics Group, one of the most famous UAV groups in the world. We provide a fully automated and user-friendly UAV solution for industrial inspection.

10 - MyPet (I.T & Smart Tech)

MyPet — is the service that helps people to take care of their pets. It aims to facilitate collecting and analyzing data to manage your pet’s health.

11 - Café that Heals (Social Services & Enterprise)

"Café that Heals" is an Experimental Social Enterprise Project Integrating Scientific-Backed Therapies into a Cafe in order to Provide People a Place to Release Stress Effectively.

12 - (Fintech)

A disruptive unhackable data-driven MVP ? marketplace大數據交易所 with our own invented, USA patented security tech. to 70B+ mankind for all the digitalized asset, data & service to be transacted at a fee.

13 - Linyo Robotics (Robotics & AI)

Linyo Robotics provides industrial users with both high-performance products and extremely user-friendly experience by focusing on the innovative type of vertical take-off and land (VTOL) UAV.

14 - THF Technology Limited (Robotics & AI)

Cultural Tube is a video transliteration technology to break language barriers across the internet. “Transliteration = Translation + Literature Replacement”.

15 - Light Green Technology (Environment & Sustainability)

Light Green Technology aims to reduce carbon dioxide and provide sustainable energy and food by culturing algae and cyanobacteria in large scale with boosted growth

16 - Paveway (HK) Limited (Social Services & Enterprise)

A job coaching platform that aims to "To pave an easy and affordable way for landing job offers"

17 - Areix (Fintech)

AREIX is founded by entrepreneurs and professionals in AI, finance and marketing from Oxford University, HKUST, CityU and BU with certified AI & ML professionals and PHD in Machine Learning.

18 - SOCIF (Healthcare)

Peturance is an IoT platform that connects the smart collar, the vet & the insurance company with the aim to monitor the health of the pets, share medical advice & promote customized pet insurance.

19 - Gense Technologies (Healthcare)

Award-winning bioelectronics startup in medical imaging and gesture recognition, with applications in low-cost imaging for liver, lung, and tendon, sign-language translation, and IoT control

20 - Construction Changers (Robotics & AI)

Developing innovative robots and solutions to bring the labor-dependent and inefficient construction industry into the next highly automated era, saving cost, time and overcoming worker shortage.

21 - SPES Tech (Healthcare)

We are committed to delivering next-generation biomaterial solutions for better science and better health. Our focus is to leverage recombinant proteins to develop xeno-free biocompatible hydrogels.

22 - Crazy Wall (Robotics & AI)

We, Crazy Wall, develop a smart exterior wall spraying robot as a breakthrough, contribute to the automation in the construction site and aim to lead this field.

23 - Wealthskey (Fintech)

Wealthskey is a hi-quality content platform supported by our own digital currency ShareWon, powered by blockchain. We are a team of 4 with a diversified background.

24 - Acouband (I.T & Smart Tech)

A bunch of people who love building robots, diving deep into mysteries of artificial intelligence and daydreaming. We have CS and Physics PhD students and hardware genius on-board. We can do things.

25 - Gabi Education Limited (I.T & Smart Tech)

Support inclusive and equitable quality education opportunities for all students.

26 - UVify (Healthcare)

UVify is a medical device startup that began with a simple mission: engineering, optimising, and transforming healthcare tools at the crux of it all. See more.

27 - HLDesign (Healthcare)

HL Design will be designing premium, MAP-1 or ABA coated (antiviral and antibacterial) phone cases in mainland China and Hong Kong in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

28 - Luxetics (Healthcare)

Luxetics uses Near-InfraRed(NIR) light to stimulate natural improvement in our synaptic network. Users will experience a full spectrum NIR-wellness program targeted to enhance and improve your mind.

29 - Tectural (I.T & Smart Tech)

Tectural is a world platform for architects and designers created by a team of engineers. We provide information modeling and instant rendered graphics for design visualization and collaboration.

30 - GuideandSeek (I.T & Smart Tech)

GuideandSeek is a next generation tourist app which changes the way you travel with a personalized AI plan and an interactive AR map to give you a truly unique journey. We guide you to seek fun!

31 - Centauri Optics Limited (Environment & Sustainability)

Turning the world to a better and safer place by optics


SyNCord’s mission is to be a pioneering 3D printing company which revolutionizes the 3D printing industry by our advanced robotics additive manufacturing technology.

33 - TREE BEAR Limited (Robotics & AI)

TREE Bear Limited aims to help people assess and improve their presentation skills by applying the latest Educational Technology (EdTech) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.

34 - Cradl Technologies Limited (Healthcare)

Cradl is world’s first digital solution that gives first-time mothers 1-on-1 digital concierge support with a care team they can trust.

35 - Predict AI (Fintech)

Predict AI is a shared platform that connects stock investors with AI developers. By hosting AI algorithms from different AI developers, investors can subscribe AI stock predictions conveniently.

36 - BOND (I.T & Smart Tech)

We build business connections based on an organisation-managed card system. Users share e-business cards, categorize and communicate through our platform for formal conversations and meetings.

37 - Metrix (I.T & Smart Tech)

We aims to offer travelers of Metro Trains Sydney a door-to-door experience from home to work through a gamified app, Metrix Go. and a humanoid robot, Metrix Jr. located at every station platform.

38 - DIOID Limited (I.T & Smart Tech)

We are revolutionizing and boosting the worldwide GEM industry with Advanced Analytics, Digitalized Verification, Smart Identification and Secured Trading Technologies.

39 - LunaLearn Limited (Healthcare)

LunaLearn is a baby development milestone app paired with a monthly subscription box of activities. We aim to upskill parents and promote quality bonding opportunities for parents and their children.

41 - PhoMedics Limited (Healthcare)

PhoMedics strives to unleash the full potential of a healthcare ecosystem. We aim at developing cutting-edge medical imaging technology that can revolutionize the standard of care and save lives.

42 - XARE (Healthcare)

XARE is Shaping the Future of Healthcare Experience with the implementation of AI and blockchain technology which could revolutionize the way online diagnosis works.

43 - OlaTech (Environment & Sustainability)

Sell Your Tech for Worthy Causes! OlaTech is a cleantech startup providing the simple and sustainable solution to manage your devices with secure data wiping.

44 - Luk Advisor (Healthcare)

We are an AI startup applying cutting edge AI technologies into commercial world.Currently we are developing AniDeep, an AI monitoring system on animals for zoos,aquariums and animal research labs.

45 - LASO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (Social Services & Enterprise)

Our team consists of 3 members from various background including electrical engineering, product design and business. As a strong team, we are currently receiving funding from HKSTP and CityU.

46 - NeuronSpike Technologies (Robotics & AI)

Developing brain-inspired AI processors that help AI-driven robotics companies to reduce their AI cost and to improve reliability of their robotics

47 - Roadmap (I.T & Smart Tech)

Roadmap provides a tool to help users organise their web search and a platform to share their webpage patterns and create communities. We aim to create convenient and systematic browsing experiences.

48 - DataFarm (Robotics & AI)

We aim to become a preferred Data Annotation service provider in APAC. Our proprietary methodology helps AI system developers offload tedious annotation work for higher quality at more optimal costs.

49 - Indus (I.T & Smart Tech)

Provide easy to use IoT bigdata solutions helping traditional industries achieving efficiency enhancement and save operational cost.

50 - iunocare (Healthcare)

Wearable health tracker for infants - iunocare. Our team unites engineers, developers and experts eager provide parents them with the best solutions, instruments for taking care of the baby at home.

* Team 40 has withdrawn from the round 2 of the competition.