Shortlisted 12 Teams

Team No. Team Name Primary Area Brief Description
1 InnoWat Enviornmental & Sustainability The product/ service of InnoWat is offering wastewater treatment plants our one-stop solution, from design consultancy to specilized equipments (i.e. our products) installation, for them to realize productions of sulfated polysaccharides (a profitable raw material for food and pharmacy industries) as well as energy during wastewater treatment.
2 P-sense I.T. & Smart Tech We provide indoor people tracking technology to help mall owners and shop owners manage their facilities with insights and analytics. With the tracking history, we provide advertisers a personalized marketing platform.
3 WillowTech Enviornmental & Sustainability SANAZO is a wastewater treatment unit composed of a modified expanded granular sludge bed reactor (EGSB) with aerobic granules as the bioactive agents. It is a compact and cost-effective solution for the wastewater treatment in the textile industry.
4 Clare.AI Fintech Clare.AI is building white label financial messaging chatbot for banking, insurance and high volume customer service center.
5 Peacify Healthcare Peacify is a smart sock designed to keep tracking baby's vital signs, whilst parents will be alerted if there are any abnormalities.
6 Acoustics 4'33" Enviornmental & Sustainability Acoustic 4'33" aims at bringing people to a tranquil living and working environment through innovative acoustic shielding solutions. We do not just sell earmuffs and acoustic panels, but deliver complete acoustic solutions.
7 Light Innovation Technology Ltd Healthcare We represent the most advanced light sheet technology for live & large sample bio-imaging. Our LitoneTM LBS light sheet system is the most powerful platform ever for high-resolution multicolor 3D live imaging with ultralow phototoxicity.
8 Xavier Robotics & A.I. Xavier is a fully integrated brain controlled wheelchair. Using a non-invasive electroencephalogram (EEG), the wheelchair does not require a functioning nervous system or physical interaction to control it, instead relying solely on the power of one’s brain activity. With this novel approach, we hope to transform the lives of physically handicapped giving them back their freedom.
9 Vox Technology I.T. & Smart Tech A baby wearable device that tracks the number of words spoken to the child and monitors their language environment. This helps parents to better engage with their child with the support of a companion app that creates personalised speech reports and delivers child development tips from an ecosystem of childhood development specialists.
10 Maxustech I.T. & Smart Tech Maxus Tech is dedicated in bringing novel controlling methods, say gesture control,  to smart home devices,  providing a more natural way for human computer interaction.
11 Bella Healthcare An affordable and drinkable food to provide a nutritionally complete meal with minimal effort
12 Sightecho Robotics & A.I. The first smart scuba diving mask that improves diving experience.