Guidelines to Executive Summary & Business Plan

The suggested contents of the executive summary and business plans outlined below are only for reference. The final contents of your submission are fully determined by your teams’ discretion and needs.
Executive Summary Guidelines
The 2-page executive summary is a summary of the entire business plan which should provide information on feasibility, viability and commercial potential of the proposed product. The focus should be on the innovativeness of the proposed product, service or business model.
It should introduce your business and your product, and to highlight the strengths of your plan. Below are some suggested contents for reference -
  • Mission Statement - it explains what your business is all about, what problem you are trying to solve and how your plan to solve this problem differently and more effectively. It should not be too long, between several sentences and a paragraph.
  • Company Information - a short statement covers when your business formed, the names of the founders and their roles, your number of employees. This is a good place to show your team’s credibility in realizing the proposed product/solution.
  • Your Products / Services - briefly describe the products or services you provide, with features or characteristics of the innovation. You should also describe and provide proof on the feasibility and viability of the innovation you are proposing. We will not accept any technology or innovation that are violating law of physics or assuming the business is based on a technology only can be realized by imagination.
  • Potential Market- explains why there is a need in your target market and how your particular solutions can fill it and address your future plans on commercialization. If the business is based on business model innovation, briefly describe how this model is different and/or more efficient than other models.
  • Summary of your company’s future plans.


Short Business Plan Guidelines (8-10 ppt slides)

The short business plan should be condensed and to explain the value proposition and impact of the product/services you are providing. Below are some suggested contents for reference -
  • Brief business outlines such as business names, and a description of the product or service the company intends to provide.
  • Summarize the problem or opportunity and address how the company's product or services will address a need.
  • Description of the products.
  • Potential markets/consumers: plan to expand your market with a brief analysis of the current and potential competitors. Who is the first adopter and second adopter of your product/service? What is the market size? What are the potential Social and/or financial impact?
  • Competitive advantage by explaining how the product differs from other offerings.
  • Briefly summarize the team that it is in place the skills they have to make it happens.


Full Business Plan Guidelines (15-20 ppt slides)

The full business plan is an extension of the short business plan and the Finalist Teams can revise the contents of their short business plan to make it more in-depth. It should explain the practicability of the plan execution and fundability potential. Below are some suggested contents for reference -
  • Brief business outlines such as business names, and a description of the product or service the company intends to provide.
  • Traction: what has been done and achieved since inception with what resources available.
  • Product development plan: critical milestone and project timeline.
  • General pricing plan for the products or services.
  • Target markets.
  • Marketing strategies to attract customer base, distribution plan, sales channel.
  • Main competition to the company.
  • Startup budget : budget plan and projected cash flow.
  • Exit Strategy.
  • Team formation and credibility.