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UMix Music Limited

UMix Music Limited is a company that develops technical solutions for music production, specifically app and web system solutions, to reduce the difficulties of digital music production skills.

DelTron Intelligence Technology Holdings Limited

DelTron is a team with extensive experiences over years in stabilization and camera technologies. We are now building multispectrum sensors to help farmers and companies improve productivity.


Bridesy is a web platform with the mission to empower brides and grooms to effortlessly curate their own beautiful marriages.


We build an online platform which matches the local and non-locals for immersive culture experience through the medium of home and family dining. Let's redefine the meaning of cultural travelling.


Bargainer is a revolutionary agricultural trading system for small farmers and F&B business. We aggregate demand from small businesses and help farmers to expand their potential market.

Turing Chain Limited

Turing Chain is an award-winning, agile, and international team, who developed blockchains for news media Blackbird.AI in New York, movie SelfToken in Taiwan, and casino HYClub in Russia and Macao.


The world's first e-payments screening engine and AI payment solution advisor. We aims to screen out the most favourable and suitable payment method for each consumer before their consumption.


TRIPIN is an application which aims to provide a simple travel planning platform for any user to schedule their own journey effortlessly using Machine Learning Algorithms.

FLY healthtech

To enable psychologist and psychiatrist to better diagnose kids with ADHD, ASD and Developmental Delay at earlier age of golden treatment period in a more precise way with our AI tools.


Risk factors for certain diseases and variations in drug response are encoded in our DNA. We uncover these conditions by translating DNA mutations into color patterns.

Refibre Intl.

Founded in 2019 in HKUST, Refibre Intl. alleviates the world’s clothing waste by creating an online clothes exchange platform, allowing users to trade in used clothes instead of buying new ones.


Lockage is formed in 2019 with 2 founders from HKUST and HKU. We aim at providing a platform for luggage storage service. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to be one of Lockage members.


ProSlim’s mission is to promote healthy generations using our unique probiotics formula that helps people to slow down their food absorption rate in the gut, all so that we will FEAR FAT NO MORE.

Centauri Photonics Limited

Centauri originates from HKUST Photonics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy Laboratory, which has more than 20 years of experience in optical research. We are building a portable automatic diagnosis system.


SuitUp! is a TechStyle startup project developing an AI personal styling solution for fashion retailers.

Horizon Biochip

Horizon Biochip focuses on applying biochip technologies to different biotechnological applications. Its product CryoChip automates the process of preserving embryos/oocytes in IVF medical procedure

Quokka Reward Limited

To build a global unique recognition & rewards ecosystem that instills collaboration, greatness and happiness. We empower managers to drive change with insights & engagement analytics


Marketemy, the Digital Marketing Academy. We renovate how people learn digital marketing, by using form of simulation game. We would like to reshape learning into something fun and enjoyable.

Quommni Technologies L.L.C.

Quommni Technologies is developing a novel, disruptive method of influenza strain diagnosis. Our point-of-care assay will yield results in 30 minutes, benefiting patients and epidemiological studies.

C&H Business Group Limited

Qoopon is a machine learning automated affiliate marketing platform linking influencers and vendors. Vendors provide special offers. Influencers spread them to their audiences with influences.


SPES Tech specializes in advanced biomaterials. Leveraging innovative protein engineering technologies, we aim to develop specialty hydrogel products for research and pharmaceutical applications.

Music & Salts

Music & Salts lowers the threshold of manufacturing music by connecting more people with music making tools. It will foster the development of Hong Kong music culture.

Pecutus Technologies Limited

We are: Ex-banking turned data scientist from UCL and HKUST, neuropsychologist experienced in IoT manufacturing from Oxford, social innovator and branding guru from the United Nations.

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